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Low Price Traffic School is also your low price teen driver's ed leader, providing teen classes to several states within the US. Select your state below to see what educational services are available in your area:

Why Teens Learn More On Line

Not only have studies shown that students taking online courses test better, online courses allow students the ability to get the information they need, when they need it. Notable advantages discovered by those taking an online drivers ed course include:

  • An online course allows a sleepy or distracted student to take a break and come back when they are refreshed
  • Students taking an online class can go at their own pace, learning at their comfort level
  • With an internet class, students can always revisit past tests and review sections with ease
  • An online course format presents information to today's tech savvy teens in a way they are comfortable with and enjoy

    Department of Motor Vehicles Approved Courses

    When taking an online course, make sure you choose wisely. Besides considering factors like price and course quality, make sure the course you choose is either state accepted or DMV approved for your teen. Nothing is more frustrating than taking a course only to find out later it is not accepted by your DMV. Low Price Traffic School is happy to offer you courses that are indeed accepted by their corresponding states and fulfill Department of Motor Vehicle requirements.

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    California Courses

    Drivers Education

    In the state of California your driver's ed requirement can be completed online. We offer an online drivers ed course that:

  • Is self paced with no timers
  • Is a CA DMV approved driver education course
  • Has free DMV tests for practice
  • Includes interaction, statistics, videos, and smart driving tips
  • Educates drivers about eco-friendliness and environmental driving issues
  • DMV Completion Certificate included

  • Drivers Training lessons

    We also offer driving lessons in much of Southern California, providing first rate driving instruction to teens and adults. Highlights of our driver training curriculum are:
  • Front door pick up and drop off service
  • Driving instructors who are highly trained and care about education
  • Clean cars that are well maintained and Hybrid powered for maximum fuel efficiency
  • Specialized lessons for freeway, canyon, and defensive driving techniques
  • Taught by a highly respected, DMV licensed driving school with over 10 years of traffic safety experience
  • Includes your drivers training completion certificate
  • Begin a California Drivers Ed Class

    Florida Courses

    Drivers Education

    For the state of Florida, we offer a home study correspondence course to satisfy your FL First Time Driver requirement. This traffic law and substance abuse education course is provided by a Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles approved program provider. Course highlights include:

  • Take online course at anytime, from anywhere
  • Log in and out as you please
  • Take the 4 hour requirement course at your own pace, taking as much time as you need to
  • No boring, early morning and out of the way classes to attend
  • DHSMV Completion Certificate included

  • Get the Confirmation You Need

    When you successfully complete your drivers ed course online, an original certificate of completion will be sent to you right away. This original certificate is what you take with you to the FL DMV as proof that you have fulfilled the 1st Time Driver traffic law and substance abuse driver ed requirement and are ready to take your learner license test.

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    Texas Parent Taught Programs

    Drivers Ed Programs

    Parent taught courses can be the best way to teach your teen driving while saving you money. We offer parent taught programs costing less than half as much as some commercial driving schools. Also, studies show that parents play one of the most important roles in their child's driver's ed. If time, money, and your son or daughter's safety are of import to you, our parent-taught drivers ed courses are perfect for you!

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    Nevada Online Courses

    Driver Education

    This home study course satisfies the Nevada Driver Education requirement and is provided through a Nevada DMV approved online driver's ed class provider. This alternative course satisfies the state of Nevada 30-hour classroom course requirement.

    Please read: This online driver ed course is NOT a requirement for earning an instruction permit, but is a requirement for getting a driver license.

    Enjoy the following advantages of taking your NV driving education on line:

  • Take this course from the comfort of home, or anywhere with an internet connection
  • DMV Completion Certificate included
  • Skip the drive to the classroom and avoid waking up early to attend a boring instructor
  • Course allows you to login and logout as you choose
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    Driving Games

    Check out the hot new parking game where you can sharpen up your moves in the parking lot and become a parallel parking pro! It's free and fun, enjoy: Drivers Ed Games

    Your Teens Learn From The Best

    Why does LowPriceTrafficSchool.com have the best drivers ed programs out there? Because we've teamed with DriversEdDirect.com, an industry leader in online and home study drivers ed training programs.

    Offering quality and state approved programs in several states, DriversEdDirect.com is leading the way in online learning and helping teen students across America become safe, responsible drivers!

    More Questions About Driving Schools?

    Simply visit our FAQ page or contact us via email or phone!

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